Based in Bridlington, at the northern end of the Yorkshire Wolds on the Yorkshire Coast, yocc.co.uk is an online business promotion website and are aiming to be one of the best available for businesses that are based in the beautiful countryside of the Yorkshire Wolds.

There are precious few opportunities available to market your business to a wider community, and it is hoped that yocc.co.uk will provide a business boost for you by getting more customers and contacts for your business using a highly targeted website. Many business directories are very general in nature, and the aim here is to get more targetted customers looking within the Yorkshire Wolds region to find your business.

Using the boost that the Hockney exhibition featuring the Yorkshire Wolds has produced gives hope that the Yorkshire Wolds will soon become a destination of choice for those looking to take holidays or short breaks. This area has come to the attention of a worldwide audience, so it is up to business owners to build on this new found fame.

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