Frack off: Yorkshire is now on the frontline of the fracking war

I was born and raised in the East Riding and went to school in Malton in the North Riding of Yorkshire. The announcement of the latest round of Exploration and Development Licences placed Yorkshire in the frontline of extreme energy extraction, by fracking, in the UK.

We knew this tranche of licences was imminent, but were shocked when the extent of it began to dawn on us. We consulted the Department for Energy and Climate Change’s (DECC) licence maps that made the full impact clear.

Since May 2014 we have campaigned against Rathlin Energy’s exploration plans at Crawberry Hill, East Yorkshire. Following the removal of the Protection Camp of protesters last January, a small band of mainly pensioners have stood outside the gates at Crawberry Hill to remind the community and the oil company that we believe this industry poses a massive risk to our water, our air, our health and our precious environment.

In many ways this has been a phoney war because Rathlin has always insisted that we are “scaremongers”, peddling misinformation. Rathlin claims it never had any intention of fracking, despite permits for mini-fracs.


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