Gypsey Race Floods Burton Fleming

Burton Fleming Flooding 2012

The Gypsey Race is currently in full flood. The spring fed stream flows down to Bridlington through the Great Wold Valley.

The springs throughout the valley flow very intermittently. For the last few years there has been very little water in the Gypsey Race even near Bridlington.

Last flooding began in Burton Fleming with the centre of the village around the pub slowly been consumed by the rising waters of the Gypsey Race.

Speaking to a resident of Burton Fleming, she said that the stream could be seen as a small wave entering the village as the springs start to flow, with the stream becoming deeper, eventually flooding out on to the road in the village.

Travelling further up the Great Wold Valley towards Weaverthorpe springs could be seen in the fields that are feeding the chalk stream.

Although there is a lot of water further downstream towards Bridlington, the Gypsey Race is not flowing its full length, with there been no water flowing in Helperthorpe or beyond. The source is thought to be at Duggleby, but due to the nature of the Gypsey Race the stream appears and reappears at different intervals.

According the folklore, when the Gypsey Race appeared it came just before the great plague, before the restoration of Charles IL, and a few weeks prior to the landing of the Prince of Orange. Its appearance in 1795 is also reported to have synchronised with the descent of a huge meteorite in the village of Wold Newton.

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