Salts Mill

Salts Mill

Salts Mill


A must visit place for any Hockney art spotter on a tour of art locations has to be Salts Mill at Saltaire in West Yorkshire.

The Mill which opened in 1853 was commissioned by Titus Salt to serve his growing textile business. After many years of use Salts Mill fell into disuse due to cheap imports and changes in consumer spending. The Mill then stood empty for a number of years until entrepreneur Jonathan Silver stepped in and purchased the building.

Within a short period of time the 1853 Gallery on the ground floor was completed and opened to the public showing many works of art by David Hockney making it the largest collection in the world spanning a time period from his younger years to present. The 1853 Gallery on the first floor is also home to a huge collection of artists books and art materials to purchase.

One of the main pieces of art work in Salts Mill is shown in Gallery Three on the third floor which is the triptych named 25 Trees Between Bridlington School and Morrison’s Supermarket along Bessingby Road in the Semi-Egyptian Style. The photograph is made up of 3 panoramas photographed during 3 seasons featuring the same set of trees in all 3.

There are also many other paintings including portraits of family members, iPhone and iPad art, opera sets, many paintings and drawing created in Los Angeles and a series of drawings and paintings of the Yorkshire Wolds landscapes.

Basement and Outside

Zeba – Handmade rugs and home furnishings

Visitor Information Centre

All Terrain – Cycles and cycling equipment

The Early Music Shop

Ground Floor

The 1853 Gallery – houses the largest collection of David Hockney art work in the world. Art books and artists materials are on sale

Second Floor

Kath Libbert Jewellery Gallery
Displays innovative and contemporary jewellery

Salts Book and Poster Shop – includes many prints and postcards from David Hockney

Salts Diner which opens every day from 10am till 4:30pm

Espresso Bar

Trek and Trail who sell a large collection of our door adventure clothing and equipment

Saltaire History Exhibition – Tells the story of how Titus Salt created the village of Saltaire and Salts Mill

Carlton Antiques

The Home

Gallery Two – Shows changing exhibitions

Third Floor

Gallery Three – Pictures by David Hockney

See for full details of opening times and information regarding exhibitions and events.





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