Where is the North of England?

I have been looking on the internet to see if there is a definition of where the north of England is. We all know roughly where it is, but is there a line of latitude of where it might start? – I could not find one so I went about trying to work out where it could be.

First, I visited the website www.appspot.com where there is a handy map utility which lets you measure distances easily. Next I drew a line from the most southerly and most northerly parts of England. These were the Lizard Point in the South and Marshall Meadows which is just north of Berwick on Tweed. The distance between these two locations is 685km (425.5 miles).

The half way point following a line between these two places is a small village called Parc in Wales near Llyn Tegid (Lake Bala). If a line is drawn between the east and west of England from this point then we can ascertain that in the west of England is Sellatyn and on the east coast of England the village of Bacton in Norfolk. This line is 52.904 degrees north.

Therefore by my reckoning the towns of Derby, Nottingham, Grantham, Stoke on Trent and Market Drayton are all in the north of England.

Just inside southern England are Kings Lynn, Burton upon Trent, Stafford and Shrewsbury.

This is similar to what I would have thought as any county north of the Wash is in northern England which includes Lincolnshire, Derbyshire and Cheshire.

Where is the North of England?

Where is the North of England?



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