Wind Turbine Proposal near Rudston

Track and Hedgerow

Within a distance of only 1 1/4 miles of the nearest Hockney painting location at Rudston, there is a planned wind turbine at Springdale  Farm that measures 66.7 metres in height and will have a huge affect on the skyline in what is very special countryside.

A painting titled ‘Track and Hedgerow’ was painted in 2006 near this location.

Standing on ground which is over 200 feet above sea level with a tip height of   220 feet would make the turbines easily recognisable from many miles in all directions.

The planning application sent to the planners at East Riding of Yorkshire Council is a full planning request for a single large wind turbine.

With a height which is 9 times that of the neolithic standing stone in the graveyard of Rudston church the views from Rudston would change considerably with the turbine in view from locations up to 30km away.

Humber Archaelogy Partnership in response to the Springdale Farm application notes that the area of the proposed development is rich in major archaeological remains including remains of prehistoric dykes and ritual monuments and cropmarks, ditches, enclosures and trackways that indicate over 2000 years of landuse.

To view the documents related to the planning application view this webpage at the East Riding of Yorkshire Council website.




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