Burton Fleming Flooding – Day 8


Flooding is still causing major problems in Burton Fleming with water of 2 feet in depth on the roads in the centre of the village.

The Environment Agency and Humberside Fire and Rescue have installed high capacity pumps to try and keep water moving through the village.

One of the biggest problems for Burton Fleming is that it is in a dip, and so all water is flowing down the valley in to the village. All the Environment Agency can do is try and get as much water out of the village as possible, but this is not easy as there are thousands of gallons of water to moving through Burton Fleming.

Many businesses and homes have been affected by the flooding, and until the flood water subsides clean up efforts cannot begin.

Another issue is that of sewage, and what to do with it. Much of the drainage system is not working.

In Boynton the river level indicator for the Environment Agency is showing record depths in the Gypsey Race. The river levels can be seen here.

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