Burton Fleming Flooding Update

Burton Fleming Floods December 27th 2012

Flooding continues to be a major problem in Burton Fleming today with water steadily rising. Record high ground water levels are the main cause of the flooding due to many weeks of record rainfall throughout the summer and winter.

During today, the emergency services, East Riding Council and local farmers have been doing all that they can to try to alleviate the problems of flooding. Residents have been rallying around to assist each other in any way they can.

Around 1,000 sand bags have been distributed to the worst affected properties to try and help stem the rising waters. Farmers have donated bales of straw and plastic sheeting to act as a flood barrier to try and save homes from some of the worst flooding that has affected the village in many years.

The Gypsey Race has not reached its peak yet, and until the ground water level stabilises, which could take some time it is unknown how long the flooding will continue.

One of the main problems is where to pump the flood water to, since Burton Fleming is in a dip which is making things worse.

Burton Fleming is not the only place affected, further downstream in Rudston, residents of the village are watching the Gypsey Race to see what will happen to its level, and whether any properties will be flooded. Boynton, which has an Environment Agency river level metering device is showing the Gypsey Race at record levels. Residents in Boynton at one of the properties is reporting that water is coming through the floors of the building, and has already affected their heating system.

In Kilham, water is forcing its way through the road surface near the church, and is rising from many gardens. Luckily no homes are flooded at the moment.

In Bridlington where the Gypsey Race flows to many homes could be affected if the stream bursts its banks in the St Johns Avenue area. At the moment, the level of the Gypsey Race is only an inch from the top of the bridge. If the stream rises much more the bridge could act as a dam and homes and a nearby convalescent home could become flooded.

It is unknown how long high water levels will remain, and when the Gypsey Race could reach its peak. This will depend on how much rain falls and how quickly ground water levels go down.

A resident in Burton Fleming who has seen this before, and he said that it could be February before things return to normal.

Anyone who can assist with sandbags, bales or plastic sheeting, could you please take them to a collection area near the post office. If entering the village from the Bridlington direction please take the route from Hunmanby as the Grindle and Rudston roads are inaccessible through the village.

To see the Environment Agency Flood Warning, click here.

If you have a story regarding the flooding, please email simongregson@yocc.co.uk


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