East Yorkshire Open Studios 2012

During the weekends of 15th and 16th, and 22 and 23rd September artists throughout the East Riding are inviting all those with an interest in the visial arts to visit them in their studios or at the participating galleries. This is the first time the event has been organised by the artists themselves.

Art Galleries

Chasing the Light Gallery, Jean Illingworth, 12 Wellington Road, Bridlington, YO15 2BG. www.holburnstudios.co.uk

Creation Fine Arts, 7 North Bar Within, Beverley. www.creationfinearts.co.uk

Gallery 49, 1 Market Place, Bridlington, YO16 4QJ. www.galleryforty-nine.co.uk

Kingston Art Group, 26/27 Humber Street, Hull, HU1 1TH. www.kingstonartgroup.co.uk

Old Town Gallery, High Street, Bridlington, YO16 4PR. www.bridlingtonoldtown.org

The Spa Gallery, South Marine Drive, Bridlington, YO15 3JH – Displaying the artists Ann Cawkell, Ken Shaw and Fred Corrigan

Tracy Savage Art Gallery, 35/37 Market Place, HU18 1AN. www.tracysavage.co.uk

Wolds Gallery, Wolds Village, Bainton, YO25 9EF. www.woldsvillage.co.uk – Displaying work mosaics from Sally Brealey, paintings from Steve Doyle and ceramics from Penny de Corte.


Rob Gobel, Hogans Wold Gallery, Kilham, YO25 4RE

Brian Hardgrave, Corner Cottage, Church Street, Kilham, YO25 4RG

Selina Fennel, 16a Market Place, Hornsea, HU18 1AW. www.selinafennel.co.uk

Meg Burkill, 5 Park Row, Hornsea, HU18 1PT. www.megburkill.co.uk

Sonya Cowan, 12 Marlborough Avenue, Hull, HU5 3JX. sonyacowan@hotmail.com

Sharon Winter, 19 Queensgate, Bridlington, YO16 7ND. www.sharonwinter.co.uk

Matt French, Prospect Studios, North Street, Bridlingotn, YO15 2AJ. artist4483@yahoo.com

Tony Hogan, Hogan’s Wold Gallery, Kilham, YO25 4RE. www.hoganart.co.uk

Noreen Thorp, Church Farm, Hayton, YO42 1RR. www.artbynoreen.co.uk

Madeleine Chadwick, The Red House, 2 Station Road, Market Weighton, YO43 3AX. madeleine.chadwick@virgin.net

Penny Mclean, The Saddlers, Church Street, Kilham, YO25 4RG. www.pennymclean.com

Jan Jones, Lammas House, The Archway, Market Weighton, YO43 3NE. www.mallyart.com

Margaret Mclennan, Rose Cottage, Gransmoor, YO25 8HX. margaretmclellan60@yahoo.co.uk

Val Mager, 17 Park Avenue, Beverley, HU17 7AT. www.valmagerart.co.uk

Morris Freedman, 13 Fourth Avenue, Bridlington, YO15 2LN. mosboats@hotmail.co.uk

Mark Lozynskyj, Prospect Studios, North Street, Bridlington. YO15 2AJ. www.prospect-studio.co.uk

Patrick Wise, Prospect Studios, North Street, Bridlington. YO15 2AJ. www.prospect-studio.co.uk

Peter Daniel, 20 Cardigan Road, Bridlington, YO15 3HQ. www.peterdaniel.org.uk

Rosemary Abrahams, 15 Trafalfar Crescent, Bridlington. YO15 3NR. www.rosemaryabrahams.co.uk


Pat Reed, Ashmead, 7 Raleigh Drive, Sproatley, Hull, HU11 4PE. pat@jandpreed.karoo.co.uk


Denise Hayhurst, Glencoe Cottage, Church Street, Kilham, YO25 4RG. denise.m.hayhurst@fsmail.net

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