Millington Way Posts

Millington Way Posts

Millington Way Posts

Millington Pastures: a system of dry cast valleys in the East Yorkshire Wolds, grassland slopes grazed by sheep and highland cattle; crossed by sheep tracks, walkers (the Wolds Way, the Minster Way), and ancient Roman roads, a site of special scientific interest.

The artists idea: inspired by the landscape and heritage of Millington Pastures, the idea behind Way Posts was to create a work of public art which echoed the gentle beauty of the land around it. Eleven carved English Oak posts were made and installed in three groups, following a route through the Pastures from Millington to Huggate. Carved into each of the eleven posts a single letter spells (when read in sequence) GAIT IN WOLDS.

Millington Wold is a good location for cycling and walking. Parking is available at Millington Wood.

For further information visit the website for the Millington Way Posts here

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