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Woldgate, Bridlington

David Hockney is the artist who has had a show at the Royal Academy in London in 2012. Over the past few years Hockney has been creating a series of paintings throughout the different seasons in the landscape of the East Yorkshire countryside.

East Yorkshire is the lesser known of the Yorkshire counties and this is where David Hockney is making great strides to change peoples perceptions of the county on the east coast of England through his art work.

Throughout the last few years Hockney has spent many seasons watching the changing seasons in an area just outside Bridlington called Woldgate. Here he painted the fields, hedgerows, trees and flowers through the everchanging weather of the East Yorkshire landscape.

In a large industrial unit in Bridlington, Hockney has spent several years creating artworks both large and small which adorn the walls of the Royal Academy.

So where are the subjects of some of these paintings – since I live in Bridlington I have a good knowledge of some of the locations of where the paintings were done, and quite a few more locations still to find.

The hunt for a Hockney art painting location is on – so far I have catalogued 26 different locations where the artist has created one or more works of art spread over a distance of nearly 50 miles through the Yorkshire Wolds which are also now known as ‘Hockney Country’.

I am still unsure of the exact locations of the paintings:

‘A Bigger Puddle near Kilham’ November, 2005 oil on canvas 91.5 x 122 cm – **** Found it **** – around the corner from ‘The Tunnel’ at Kilham.

‘Warter Pines’ November, 2005 oil on canvas 91.5 x 122 cm

‘Roads and Cornfields, East Yorkshire’, 2004 – **** Found it **** – this is the road from Carnaby to Boynton where it crosses the Gypsey Race.

‘Winter Trees Near Langtoft’ , March 2006, oil on canvas 91.5×122 cm

‘Track and Hedgerow’ , January 2006 oil on canvas 91.5×122 cm **** Found it ****  – this is on the road from Rudston to Kilham

‘Looking East’, 2006  Oil on canvas  36in x 48in  **** Found it **** – same location as ‘The Tunnel’ series of paintings.

‘Hedgerow Near Kilham’, October 2005 36 x 48 in. (91.4 x 121.9 cm.)

also, where is ‘The Road across the Wolds’, 1997 – it may be a few views from different locations in the Yorkshire Wolds.

If you know of a location where one of the paintings was created then drop me an email:

Searching for Hockney Yorkshire paintings


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  1. Anne Guy says:

    Recently stayed in the Wolds on holiday and came across this terrific site of Hockney locations so went in search of a few nearby. I plan to write a shirt blog about our Hockney adventures. Thanks for so much information.

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