Yorkshire Wolds should be an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty


Long Dale Yorkshire Wolds

Long Dale Yorkshire Wolds

Why are the Yorkshire Wolds designated an AONB?

Without doubt the Yorkshire Wolds in East Yorkshire and parts of North Yorkshire is a pretty special place.

While the Lincolshire Wolds south of the River Humber are part of the same rock formation as the Yorkshire Wolds they have been designated an AONB since 1973.

The Yorkshire Wolds are every bit as worthy of designation as parts of the Cotswold’s, Chiltern’s and South Downs. The Howardian Hills are designated an AONB, and these are very near to the Yorkshire Wolds separated by the River Derwent near Malton.

The upland areas of the Yorkshire Wolds have long since lost their trees and are now used as arable land growing

Fairy Dale Yorkshire Wolds

Fairy Dale Yorkshire Wolds

wheat, barley and oil seed rape.

Its the areas including valleys such as Greenwick Dale, Frendal Dale and Millington Dale that set the Wolds apart and show why the area should be designated an area of outstanding natural beauty.

Many of the hidden dry valleys cannot be seen from the car, so it requires a walk along one of the many footpaths to fully appreciate what we have.

It would be a great shame if this area was spoilt by the huge wind turbines that have already been built in some areas of the Wolds. Recently a new installation turbines near Market Weighton on top of the Wolds can be seen from miles

North Breckenholme Dale

North Breckenholme Dale

around. Lets hope that that the beauty which was created thousands of years ago by glacial formation is not destroyed by the marching of wind turbines in what is a wonderful place.

As can be seen from some of these pictures here, the Yorkshire Wolds is a pretty special place.

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